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Peter Osmanski, Principal

Peter Osmanski began his career in the futures industry with Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) in 1988.   He became registered as an Associated Person in 1995 and continues to maintain his registration with the firm today. 

Mr. Osmanski's career at Rosenthal Collins Group is highlighted by his extended efforts as the firm's CFO, providing stock equity, hedging and general portfolio management on behalf of RCG.  Peter Osmanski’s experience as a trader dates back to 1991 when he opened his first personal futures account.  Furthermore, Peter Osmanski established CCS Capital Management in 1997, a highly successful CTA throughout its active years.

Mr. Osmanski graduated from Elmhurst College in 1980 with a double major in Mathematics and Accounting.  Osmanski worked as a research assistant in the Mathematics Department while attending Elmhurst College and after graduation continued his research, taught advanced mathematics, and became a certified public accountant. 

In addition to holding a CPA license, Peter Osmanski is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), NASD Registered Representative, Operations Principal and Options Principal.

Osmanski’s extensive background in mathematics fueled the development of the technical and systematic trading approach employed by Sona Trading.  Osmanski’s wealth of experience allows the investor access to a proven money manger in the managed futures alternative investment asset class. 

William J. Sullivan, Market Strategist

William Sullivan brings 20 years of commodity experience to Sona Trading Strategies.  After graduating from Southern Illinois University in 1987 and spending a year in Antarctica working for IIT Antarctica Services, he started his trading career learning and studying commodities with Rosenthal Collins Group. In 1990 Sullivan became a member of the Mid-America Exchange where he developed as a floor broker and trader. Later in 1990 he moved to the Chicago Mercantile exchange where he was an independent broker and trader in the Deutch Mark pit servicing arbitrage, retail, hedge and large institutional clients representing as many as thirty different firms. In 1997, Sullivan moved to the Chicago Board of Trade where he traded & brokered in the grain room taking advantage of opportunistic grain markets. Late in 1998, Sullivan followed trading opportunity to the Dow Industrial Index pit where he traded his personal account and filled customer orders. In 2003 Sullivan left the floor to take advantage of trading opportunities off the floor as  electronic trading made it clear that opportunity was leaving the floor.  Sullivan has been trading off the floor since 2003 implementing, developing and executing proprietary trading techniques.

It was during Sullivan’s trading at the Board of Trade that he started to trade many markets outside of the Chicago markets and have interest in off floor trading techniques. In 2003, Sullivan left the floor to pursue off-floor trading strategies which he has been trading to the present.

In 2006, Sullivan founded and serves as President of the White Oak Fund which is a private placement fund for qualified investors looking for asset class diversification into commodities.

In 2007, Sullivan started Continental Trading Strategies. Continental develops trading software for retail customers with smaller sized accounts. More information can be found at

Now with Sona Trading, Sullivan hopes to bring a broader audience access to the managed futures asset class. Sullivan recently stated, "It is my sincere belief that commodities, as an asset class, is under utilized. People need to consider using commodities as part of their overall financial plan. Many people have been excluded from using managed futures; however, with available private and public commodity funds with strong track records people can participate much easier today."